Who We Are

Who We Are

Fostering growth through intelligence, Databrium is a data-driven research & advisory that tracks and gathers intelligence distinctly on drones, robotics and technology ecosystems. We deliver result-oriented insights to enable strategic decisions that address your key business problems.


We aim to foster the growth of our clients, helping them make informed decisions using our factual and reliable intelligence. We want our growth partners to timely recognize the industry challenges and tap into the opportunities to realize their maximum potential.


Where we fit

We Identify the Market Challenges

How industry regulations and standards are coping with technological upgradations

Assessment of public acceptance of commercial drones and technology disruptions such as 5G, IoT, blockchain, cloud and RPA

How adequate the infrastructure facilities are in developing economies to support technology adoption

Stringent policies laid by air traffic management for the safe use of drones, especially in urban areas

Determine the Information You Need to Make Strategic Decisions

Analyzing key case studies and innovations in the industries to extract the most relevant scenario for your current market position

Recent investments across geographies across industries, e.g. drone delivery testing in commercial drone market

Incorporation of new technologies and trends disrupting the market

How investments/funding/VC funding are changing the shape & revenue model of the industry’s competitive landscape

Identify Revenue Opportunities

Be it service providers, software solution providers or other stakeholders, we identify the right partners to open timely avenues for growth

Where exactly emerging technologies can add value in your present/traditional ecosystem to generate new revenue pockets

Opportunity avenues provided by emerging technologies such as Blockchain, 5G, IoT, AI, Advance Robotics and Drone -in-a-box Solutions

Identify the Most Appropriate Solutions

We deliver verified solutions to help you formulate a robust business plan to meet your short as well as long term objectives

We extract unorganized information scattered across several databases, and present verifies findings through industry experts, in a ready-to-use format

Our Methodology

Scope Definition
Data Mining
Insight Extraction
DB Forecasting Model
Data Triangulation
Solutioning & Consulting

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