Drone Systems

Drone industry is on exponential growth, with immense demand for these fixed-wing and multirotor robots across industries & applications. Global manufacturers of drone systems and platforms are offering competitive multi-mission drones for commercial, civil and military use, with up-to-date technology.

If you are a drone manufacturer, we offer competitive benchmarking for you to analyze your market position; if you are a market entrant, we provide you with the cost-benefit analysis of your products/services in the target geography; and if you are an investor, we suggest the information on the investment opportunities and the market penetration of the targeted product/service with an investment strategy.

Drone services market arguably holds the highest growth potential in the drone industry. Services are in great demand across industries as defense & security, agriculture, mining, utility, oil & gas, transportation, media, telecommunications, entertainment, and architecture, engineering and construction (AEC); requiring the service providers to broaden their adeptness in many verticals.

We offer expert intelligence regarding the demand & supply of services in multiple industries and applications as well as specific information on drone service providers, current trends and related technologies, drone pilot training, and drone MRO.

Drone Services
Drone Software & Technology

With the advent of smart tech as IoT, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, the drone software and technology ecosystem has been continuously evolving and innovating. From full autonomy in flight planning and traffic management to complex data analytics and image processing, the drone software & tech market has huge potential. Solving the unsolvable is the core of these innovations, given strict regulations and airspace rules.

We track drone software providers, technology providers, type of software and its applications, technology maturation and its user-friendliness, in addition to, robustly ranking the leading market players, and forecasting their growth on basis of their activities, revenues, offerings, challenges, opportunities, partnerships and other multiple parameters.

There is considerable progress in the drone logistics market, particularly to meet last-mile delivery challenges of E-commerce business. Drone delivery has the potential to save delivery time and cycles, reduce air emissions, and shrink delivery costs and therefore, is at the center of research and development. Passenger drones as well are gaining the pace in R&D and testing phases, with many countries completing successful trails.

Opportunities are promising but the future of drones in commercial logistics operations relies greatly on the economic proposition it offers, considering that there are many barriers apart from regulations before drones can go mainstream. For instance, systematic and efficient integration of drone operation in the delivery space will happen when efficiency gains from permitting drones to fly would exceed the costs incurred in securing property and privacy rights. In the drone delivery space, we track leading stakeholders with their current developments, economic viability for service providers compared to conventional means of transport, penetration of drone delivery and DROCs of the market.

Drone Logistics
Drone Regulations

The success and realization of full potential drone industry is not without precondition of technical, legal and societal feasibility. Most of the current laws are restrictive that do not permit full automation, high altitude flights, BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight), and other specific permissions. For instance, drone flights are restricted near airports, defense zones, stadiums, emergency areas and outside the line of sight without a spotter. Currently, property laws and privacy regulations are unsettled as well.

We provide intelligence on upcoming trends, progressions in the ease of exemptions, challenges such as the enforcement of the regulations, stakeholders’ obligations, and other aspects defining drone’s adoption.

Drone industry stakeholders are taking timely decisions regarding investments, exploiting great returns the industry offers. The investment value across markets has crossed a billion mark, with drone logistics and transportation, traffic management and anti-drone market attracting investors the most. Consequently, drone stocks have a great scope for industry leaders, decision-makers and consumers.

We track every investment in the industry including VC funding for the startups, while diving into drone partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, innovations, trends, and other relevant parameters affecting the attractiveness of the ecosystem.

Drone Investment
Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

With exponential growth of the drone market, sharing the skies with these autonomous vehicles safely is being researched and implemented. Furthermore, the fact that they fly at relatively lower altitudes makes it tougher to manage and configure them in the airspace.

We offer extensive intelligence on the UTM technology providers, system providers, service suppliers (flight, info, security), infrastructure developers (navigation communication, surveillance), companies’ products/services, revenues, upcoming opportunities and technological innovations.

The demand for counter-drone or anti-drone systems is growing rapidly to tackle the threats posed by drones in civilian and military territories. The counter-drone market is mainly driven by the technologies that meet the safety standards as the regulations remain the biggest challenge for the market.

We track the companies that offer the counter-drone systems, their size, products and funding, details of the contracts, partnerships & investments, counter-drone technologies, challenges related to technological, regulatory and legal standards, and upcoming opportunities.

Counter Drone

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