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Significance of Counter-drone Measures

Drones can be a boon and a bane. Drone attacks have targeted an airport in Saudi Arabia, injuring 10 people. The incident emphasizes the significance of counter-drone measures and readiness all the more. With the increasing drone attacks globally, governments need to invest in counter-drone measures to secure their air territories.

Monopoly of Chinese Tech in the Drone Industry

The US DoD invested approx. USD 13million in collaboration with private companies to prevent the usage of civilian drones that had Chinese technology. The drone models made are not only highly expensive but contain multiple Chinese parts, including a circuit board. This highlights much dependence on Chinese Tech in the drone industry.

TCS accelerates British 5G Rollouts

British Telecom player ‘Three UK’ selects leading global IT services provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to configure mobile network and accelerate its 5G service rollouts, which is already live in 175 cities in the UK. TCS will take care of new site deployments, upgrades, performance management, and 3G/4G tuning changes

India’s Policy on Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management holds Promising Prospect

The draft policy on UTM released by Ministry of Civil Aviation, India widens the opportunity for drone deployment. It is centralized around ‘DigitalSky Platform’ to devise an automated and seamless regulatory environment for stakeholders to collaborate real-time. Now, policy’s impact on country’s vaccine delivery goals is an important development prospect.

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