Unmanned Systems

Robotics have furthered the development of unmanned systems that have soared the growth of unmanned and autonomous platforms for security applications. Robotics systems enable automation, productivity and safety for unmanned systems manufacturers and service providers, and create reliable, and cost-effective operation of unmanned systems for scientific and civilian applications.

Our advisory services provide business research & client engagement services for applications such as inspection and repair, remote visual inspection, unmanned field operations, and unmanned aerial and ground systems.

Robotics and technology are changing the interior and architecture of homes. The demand is high for flexible and sustainable smart home designs as people are aware of their effects on physical and mental health. A smart home is a modern lifestyle representation of how the latest technology can transform the homes as per netizens choice. Smart homes have prominent features such as smart lock, thermostat control, smart lighting, smart connectivity with electronic appliances (TV, AC, speakers, projectors).

Our advisory services let our clients get deep-down analysis into new home automation technologies to strategize their decisions such as R&D, investments, joint collaborations, GTM, and untapped opportunities.

Smart Homes
Aerospace/Defense & Space

Robotics technology adoption has automated various facilities of Aerospace & Defense practice such as assembly stations, maintenance hangars, logistics facilities, and advancements in vertical & horizontal integrations. Robotics analyzes data and synchronizes processes of vertical integration and horizontal integration across the product lifecycle (from design, engineering and manufacturing to supply chain operations). Robotic automation boosts MRO service efficiency by decreasing Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) of major assets and streamlining surface inspection in case of any aircraft damage. Robotics has opened opportunities for deep-space explorations, space robotics, 3D printing, and aspects of planetary robotics.

We work with our clients to enable them to design and upgrade their solutions, product portfolio, geography expansions, system integration services, and configure their revenue potential/impact based on the changing competitive landscape.

Currently around 80% of warehouses are manually operated and distribution networks across the global supply chain has made it more complex. Enabling robotics technology into logistics & transportation, companies have automated distribution centers with more secure, efficient and accurate deployment of shipping & transportation applications.

Our intelligence assists the clients to upgrade to new age technologies of logistics & transportation to compete, innovate, and expand their operations profitably.

Logistics & Transportation

Adoption of robotics among enterprises has boosted immense competition, innovation, research & development, and facilitation in servicing diverse industry applications. We offer top-notch advisory services catering to new age robotics applications and assist our clients tap into the industrial void created by the current players & regulations globally.

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