Drone Logistics Market Report, 2021 - 2026

Drone Logistics Market Report, 2021 - 2026

Key Insights:

  • The Drone Logistics Market was valued at USD 6.3 billion in 2021, and is projected to reach 15.7 billion at a CAGR of approx. 20.04% during the forecast period of 2021-2026.
  • Drone Logistics has exponential growth potential due to huge investments in last-mile research for the rising e-commerce industry. There is also increasing utilities of drone logistics in the warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution facilities.
  • Due to COVID-19, drones are being increasingly used to supply time sensitive supplies quickly while beating the traffic congestion on roads.
  • The  North America is the biggest market today while Asia holding the key to the highest growth potential.

Drone Logistics, Forecast to 2026


  • Drone Software Market Report is a comprehensive study, offering reliable information on drone software and related technologies.
  • The report covers drone software providers, software compliance, technology providers, in addition to, robustly ranking the leading market players, and forecasting their growth based on their activities, revenues, offerings, partnerships, and other multiple parameters. 
  • The report assigns weightage to the market influencers and trends such as DROCs, Industry Trends, PESTLE, Competitive Landscape, and Latest Developments. The numbers are reiterated with our primary probes.
  • Complete analysis of the major regions and countries: North America (US, Canada), Europe (Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain), APAC (China, Japan, India), Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE), and LatAm (Mexico, Brazil).

In this extensive seven-year study, from 2020-2026, we track the multiple segments such as Industry (Commercial, Military), Application (Retail and Logistics, Medical Supplies, Food), Purpose (Shipping, Warehousing, Last-Mile Delivery, Others), Type (Freight, Passenger, Ambulance), and Region; while providing reasons for each of these segments’ size and growth rate. For instance, due to COVID-19 situation the demand for drone logistics has grown exponentially to cater to medical supplies, and conduct sanitization exercises without risking the lives of sanitization workers. The market size is huge in developed regions like North America while Asia holds the highest potential growth in demand.

The Drone Logistics market size and growth rate are calculated using a unique DB Forecasting Model. The model is a 360° bottom-up and top-down approach, validating it from data triangulation. The study tracks the leading stakeholders in the logistics and transportation industry, their economic viability, and the penetration of drone delivery. In addition, the top market players are listed and ranked based on their revenues, product/service offerings, partnerships, and other parameters. The players covered in the study are DHL, Matternet, PINC Solutions, Drone Delivery Canada, DroneScan, Infinium Robotics, Zipline, Uber, Flirtey and Skysense.

The report contains relevant figures and tables in a ready-to-use format. Please fill the form for a detailed ToC, Sample, and Executive Summary. Custom demand for exclusive sections/countries is available. 


  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Scope and Methodology
    • 2.1 Research Methodology
    • 2.2 Scope Definition & Research Design
    • 2.3 Data Mining
    • 2.4 Insight Extraction
    • 2.5 DB Forecasting Model
    • 2.6 Data Triangulation
    • 2.7 Solutioning & Consulting
  • 3. Market Outlook
    • 3.1 Covid-19 Impact Analysis
    • 3.2 DROC (Drivers Restraints Opportunities Challenges)
    • 3.3 Demand and Supply Side Analysis
    • 3.4 Pricing Overview
    • 3.5 Regulatory Overview
    • 3.6 Insights from Primary Research
    • 3.7 Porter's Five forces (on custom demand)
  • 4. Market Trends
    • 4.1 Technological Trends
    • 4.2 Recent Innovations
    • 4.3 Patents
  • 5. Market Size By Segments, 2021-2026
    • 5.1 Industry (Commercial, Military)
      • 5.1.1 Industry by Region 2021-2026
      • 5.1.2 Industry by Country 2021-2026
    • 5.2 Application (Retail and Logistics, Medical Supplies, Food)
      • 5.2.1 Application by Region 2021-2026
      • 5.2.2 Application by Country 2021-2026
    • 5.3 Purpose (Shipping, Warehousing, Last-Mile Delivery, Others)
      • 5.3.1 Purpose by Region 2021-2026
      • 5.3.2 Purpose by Country 2021-2026
    • 5.4 Type (Freight, Passenger, Ambulance)
      • 5.4.1 Type by Region 2021-2026
      • 5.4.2 Type by Country 2021-2026
  • 6. Investment Trends in the Market
    • 6.1 Notable Investors
    • 6.2 Top Companies By Funding
    • 6.3 Notable Partnerships
    • 6.4 Key Stakeholders
  • 7. Company Profiles
    • 7.1 Company Information and Key Statistics
    • 7.2 Key Clients
    • 7.3 SWOT Analysis
    • 7.4 Case Studies (if mentioned)
  • 8. Competitive Landscape
    • 8.1 Top 5 Players Market Share Analysis
    • 8.2 Company Overview
    • 8.3 Products/Services
  • Appendix: Industry Definitions

Q1. What does this drone market report offer?
The report offers drone intelligence curated using our unique DB model which categorizes the impact of a market development into optimist/pessimist/neutral and captures intricate details to provide the most accurate forecast.

Q2. Can I get a customized study?
Yes, you can get partial customization as well as a fully customized report such as a custom study for certain market players, competitive benchmarking, specific countries, etc.

Q3. How can I get the sample report?
The report sample can be obtained by filling out a quick form on the page below.

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